St. Stephen's Episcopal Church Oak Harbor

By God's Grace, All Are Welcome

Our Parish Survey

In October 2021, we asked all our members to take a brief survey so we could compile a snapshot of who we are in a variety of categories.  Here are the results:


1.     More than 85 percent of us attend Sunday worship at St. Stephen’s at least once a month, either in person or on live stream.  Another 7 percent say, they worship occasionally, 5 percent say they have not worshipped since the pandemic began and 3 percent say they no longer feel connected to St. Stephen’s.


2.     About 35 percent of us are over 75, another 35percent are 60 to 75, 17 percent are 40 to 60, just 2 percent are 20 to 40 and 11 percent are under 20.


3.     About 65 percent of us live in households with two members.  Another 21 percent live in households with four or more.  About 7 percent live in households with three members.  And another 7 percent live alone.


4.     About 60 percent of us are female, another 33 percent are male and the rest selected “other.”


5.     In terms of ethnicity, we are overwhelmingly white/Caucasian at more than 95 percent.  The rest said they are either Latinx or Philippino.


6.     About 71 percent of us are retired. Another 18 percent work full time and 11 percent work part time.


7.     In terms of our annual income, about 15 percent of us make more than $150,000 per year.  Another 27 percent makes $100,000 to $150,000 and 22 percent makes $75,000 to $100,000.  About 27 percent makes $35,000 to $75,000 and 9 percent makes less than $35,000.


8.     More than 90 percent of us consider ourselves members of the Episcopal Church of the United States and Worldwide Anglican Communion.  Another 8 percent said, “not yet,” and 2 percent said they are affiliated with a different faith.


9.     In terms of education, almost 46 percent of us have a post-graduate degree and another 32 percent have a bachelor’s degree.  About 19 percent have some higher education and the rest have a high school diploma.


10.  More than 60 percent of us live more than 5 miles from the church.  Another 36 percent live 1 to 5 miles away, and the rest live less than a mile from the church.