St. Stephen's Episcopal Church Oak Harbor

By God's Grace, All Are Welcome

Our Parish Priorities

Based on our small group conversations, demographic survey and other research we have done, we consider these to be the top four priorities of our parish at this time.


  1. Strong worship services that deepen a sense of connection with others and with God. 


Throughout our research in preparing this Profile, the most common expression we have heard is how deep our love and affection is for our traditional liturgy and the Book of Common Prayer.  We believe our liturgy is what binds us, and we want to maintain and strengthen that wherever possible.


  1. Rebuild our connection with and visibility in the community after Covid by building relationships with like-minded partners.


Raising our visibility, becoming known for our welcome, inclusiveness and our work in the community, while finding ways to be more involved with others in the community are essential parts of who we are and where we want to go in the future.  We should find other partners, like SPiN Cafe, that would help to raise our visibility.


  1. Attract more young people and children to our parish family.


Two thirds of our active members are 60 years or older, and 37 percent of us are 75 or older.  Like many churches, we are increasingly grey-haired.  To have a healthy congregation in five years, that age demographic needs to change significantly.  We know it can be done because Oak Harbor is a younger community that has a large military population.


  1. Maintain and improve the financial stability of our parish.


To be able to grow our ministries, staff and outreach grants and maintain our building and grounds, we need to make sure our financial situation remains strong and grows.