We are a giving church and find many ways to support our community and others in the world. As a parish, we commit 10% of our pledged income to helping organizations outside our congregation. If you have a suggestion for an outreach program, or know of a need, please contact the church. If you would like to assist with one of our outreach ministries, we would welcome your time and talents. 

Outreach Opportunities

Olympic View Elementary School (OVE) 2022-2023

When asked how best St. Stephen’s might help our neighborhood school, OVE responded that they often have children in need of pants and shoes.  Children who soil themselves, get wet going and coming to school, or get wet on the playground don't always have family members who can come with dry clothing or shoes.  The office then scrambles to come up with suitable items for the remainder of the school day.  Families are asked to return the borrowed clothing but that often doesn't happen. You can make a monthly pledge or bring items in as you are able. OVE is in need of the following throughout the school year.  

sweats and/or leggings
kid sizes 5-12 (small to large)

shoes (unisex, please)
little kids’ sizes: 10, 12, 13
big kids’ sizes: 1-7

Lists will also be available in Miller Hall on the bulletin. During the week, items can be dropped off at the church office during business hours (M,W,Th: 9am - 1pm) or you may bring them to Sunday services and leave them with Suzanne Ostertag or Paul Price.


Kids First of Island County 

Wow, Suzanne! 

Thank you so much for all you have done to help with Christmas presents for our foster kids this year! I can't believe all of the things that you and St. Stephens donated to us. It has been so fun figuring out who is going to get what, and I really appreciate the help you gave for the specific children we identified. All of the children are being so well taken care of this year, thanks to your support. I've started delivering today, and people have just been so thankful and impressed with what we have been able to do for these children. 

That generous, giving spirit touches hearts and spreads. Words really cannot express how thankful we at Kids First are for St. Stephen's help with Christmas this year.

Merry Christmas to you and the Parishioners of St, Stephens!

Kathy, Kids First


SPiN Guests

SPiN and the St. Stephen's Outreach Committee cannot thank you enough for your generous support of those in need.  The Oak Harbor Methodist Church assisted with gifts as did the parishioners here at St. Stephen's.

So much GRACE, so much LOVE, so much JOY!

We made every wish come true!


May the Peace of the Lord be with you now and always,



Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support of these projects!