St. Stephen's Episcopal Church Oak Harbor

By God's Grace, All Are Welcome

Job Description for New Rector


We are offering a half-time rector’s position with these responsibilities:


  1. Provide leadership that empowers others to use their gifts for the benefit of the congregation.


  1. Be present in the office two weekdays per week for 4-5 hours each day or negotiate a similar schedule.  Be present Sundays from about 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.


  1. Lead worship, preside and preach the Gospel approximately 40 Sundays per year, so as to advance the spiritual growth and Christian service of the congregation [the other 10 Sundays of the year would include 6 weeks of rector’s vacation/study leave and every month with a fifth Sunday off, with worship led by supply clergy.]


  1. Conduct pastoral care and counseling for the good of the parish, as needed, usually in person, though also by phone and email. Refer all long-term counseling to qualified professionals.


  1. Oversee all aspects of worship, liturgy, and music, delegating to the altar guild and musicians as much as possible.


  1. With the Vestry, administer the affairs of the parish, meeting with and delegating to volunteer staff and church members, as needed, and following up on Vestry decisions.


  1. Be present for and report to monthly Vestry meetings; chair the meeting if necessary. Collaborate with the Senior Warden on the agenda.


  1. Assist the Vestry and other church bodies to set and accomplish realistic and helpful goals.


  1. Help to provide a Christian formation program through which persons of all ages will learn the content of our Faith and its application to daily living.


  1. Encourage a discipline of stewardship of money, time and spiritual gifts.


  1. Record all Baptisms, Marriages, Confirmations and Burials in the parish register.


  1. Oversee, with the Junior Warden, the use and maintenance of all buildings, furnishings, and equipment.


  1. Participate in Diocesan meetings and committees as necessary.


  1. Participate with others, as desired and possible, in local ministries.


  1. Be deepening his/her own spiritual life and maintain a positive Christian example.





St. Stephen’s is an E-size parish in the Diocese of Olympia, and we are offering a half-time position.  We will pay our new rector 50 percent of the midpoint of the Diocesan clergy salary range for a parish our size, or more depending on years of experience.  We will also pay a pension contribution, provide paid vacation, and sick leave, offer health insurance as required by our Diocese, pay for mileage while driving on church business and reimburse reasonable monthly cell phone charges. Moving and other expenses are negotiable.


To view the Diocese of Olympia’s clergy compensation scale, please click here:


ECWW 2021 Parochial Clergy Salary Scale