The Episcopal Church

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A Quick History of the Episcopal Church

"In keeping with Anglican tradition and theology, the Episcopal Church considers itself "Protestant, yet Catholic." The Church was organized shortly after the American Revolution when it was forced to separate from the Church of England, as Church of England clergy were required to swear allegiance to the British monarch. It became, in the words of the 1990 report of the Archbishop of Canterbury's Group on the Episcopate, "the first Anglican Province outside the British Isles." Today it is divided into nine provinces and has dioceses outside the U.S. in Taiwan, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Europe. The Episcopal Diocese of the Virgin Islands encompasses both American and British territory." (Wikipedia)

We are a liturgical church based on our Prayer Book and the liturgical calendar.  Each Sunday we celebrate the Eucharist and welcome all to participate with our congregation in this affirmation of our faith. We have many people helping with our worship services. If you would like to participate in the service, please contact our Rector for information.


Join Bishop Michael Curry of The Episcopal Church as he guides us along the Way of Love in his Podcast!

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