St. Stephen's Episcopal Church Oak Harbor

By God's Grace, All Are Welcome


Our Mission is to worship, love and serve Our Lord Jesus Christ, welcoming everyone, deepening our faith, helping our neighbors, and caring for creation.



We are blessed that you have come to worship with us today.

Our service, based on the practice of the early church, is drawn from the Book of
Common Prayer, the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible, and other sources
approved for our use by The Episcopal Church USA.

Please enjoy the drama of our worship, watch to see what others do, and follow the service bulletin.

Sing the hymns, pray the prayers, and join us in celebrating God’s love for us all.

Episcopalians consider all baptized persons to be members of Christ’s Church.

Wherever you are on your journey of faith, you are invited to come to the Lord’s Table
and receive the Lord Jesus Christ in the consecrated Bread (or Host) and Wine. To receive communion, accept the Hosts in the palm of your hand, consume it, and guide the chalice to your lips. You may choose to receive just the bread and not the wine by crossing your arms after receiving the bread.

If you do not wish to receive communion, we invite you to come to the altar for God’s blessing through a priest.

For a blessing, cross your arms on your chest.


If you cannot come to the altar rail, the ministers will gladly bring communion to you in your pew. Just let the usher know.

If you enjoy your time with us, consider coming back and asking about our ministries in the areas of worship and music, prayer, community outreach, communications, and Christian education.

May God richly bless you, this day and forever!