Our Mission is to worship, love and serve Our Lord Jesus Christ, welcoming everyone, deepening our faith, helping our neighbors and caring for creation.

St. Stephen's is a LGBTQ+ welcoming and affirming congregation. 

Holy Communion is every Sunday, 10:30 a.m. All are invited to the Lord's Table!

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Due to COVID-19, Worship is occuring at home rather than onsite at our building.  Please join our Facebook Page for morning prayers and other offerings Rev. Peter and Christen are providing for us via video.


she wanted to know if

I understood how important

the event was.

and I looked at my hands, palms up,

for a second.

I thought about the saliva pooling

behind my bottom teeth.

droplet transmission

and rulers—three feet, six feet.

six is the radius of transmission.

I want you to be the number of feet away

that keeps us alive

as many of us as possible.

last week, I sat in the doorway and

squirted people’s hands with sanitizer

as they dispersed. reflections of the divine

and vectors.

pandemic sacrament

next week, all the sanitizer may be gone.

your friends getting treated in a hospital hallway.

doctors wearing diapers, collapsing, sometimes dying.

When I ask you to stay home

to stop the social spread of COVID-19,

I still know that you are strong and

beautiful and brave.

I know that you have taught yourself to

understand that love is an action.

but, today, beloved, today, love is an

inaction—of stopping, of staying, of

holding, not hands, but hearts.

of holding the space between us, not only

as a buffer, but also as holy.

there is so much we don’t know about

the tiny parasite taking over cells,

reproducing at an alarmingly rapid rate.

I know more about you; that your insistence

on business as usual maybe be tinged with

other things, but is mostly dedication.

you must now dedicate yourself to the survival

of this community in the painstaking way of

an artist painting on a grain of rice.

I do know how important

your life is, thrown together

with ours.

we are a fragile masterpiece.

(the vulnerable age was

lowered to 50 yesterday.)

please stay home.

—on a day of social distancing

- the Rev. Theresa Inés Soto



We’re glad you found your way to our website. If you’re looking for a church committed to making God’s love tangible in our community - a love that does not discriminate or exclude but embraces and celebrates the inherent goodness of all people, a place where people are nourished by God’s word and where it’s safe to share doubts and grapple with tough questions in an effort to learn and grow in the faith - you’ve reached the right place. We invite you to come and see. We look forward to welcoming you.  ~Peter


Coming up at St. Stephen's:  

July 5, 2020 10:30 AM
Until Covid19 resrictions are lifted, we will not have services at St. Stephens. Check out the St Stephen's of Oak Harbor Facebook Page for streamed services. All are welcome! Worship begins at 10:30 a.m. in the sanctuary, with fellowship over coffee and snacks in Miller Hall to follow.

New to St. Stephen's? Check out "What to Expect at Our Services" for more information.
July 8, 2020 8:15 AM
Postponed until COVID19 restrictions are lifted.

Join us for Contemplative Morning
Prayer service on Wednesdays at 8:15 AM in the chapel. These Wednesday morning gatherings will provide an opportunity to pause
from our activity and busyness and reground our hearts in God. I look
forward to seeing you. Come and be changed.


St. Stephen's Snippets

Gratitude Dinner

We had the pleasure of celebating the service agencies in our community with a beautiful dinner.

Nursery Care, Sunday School, and Adult Education

Nursery Care is available for infants under the age of 4.  Head downstairs and turn right down the hallway. The nursery is on the right.

Godly Journey/St. Stephen's Youth for Teens and Tweens  meets on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Sundays of the month (leaving the 4th to worship with family and the larger body of St. Stephen's).  Contact Crystal Columbo at crysco50@gmail.com for more information or to be added to the contact list.

Godly Play (for children ages 4-10) is back up and running!  


Adult Formation classes are back, and what an incredible line up! Check the Education Tab for details.

Volunteer Opportunities

If you love little people, please sign up to spend time with them in the nursery.  

We also need people to sign up to bring food for Coffee Hour.  You can partner up or even form a team of people!

Spin Cafe Needs Volunteers!!

Spin Cafe needs individuals willing to make PBJs or other sandwiches for sack lunches on Tuesdays.

If interested, contact Anni Campbell at 360-929-2535