St. Stephen's Episcopal Church Oak Harbor

By God's Grace, All Are Welcome

Pentecost 2023

Greetings All - Our Sunday morning together began with a very thoughtful and insightful presentation from Tom Johnson on the subject “Who Is the Holy Spirit?”  

Worship included a rearranging of the readings and the recitation of Acts 2 led by Harry and then joined by a number of other languages…all at the same time…and all to illustrate the Day of Pentecost.   In Paul’s message we were invited and challenged to be filled with the Spirit!  

The prayers led by Carol concluded with our collective response: Come, Holy Spirit.

Tongues of fire came down from the ceiling with no need to call the fire department.  Thanks to Terry for the creative presentation…and for the banner of ‘fire’ carried by Ella and Sofia.

We also renewed our baptismal vows with a ‘damp’ reminder vis-a-vis Paul…and we feasted at the Table prepared for us.

Lastly, accompanied on the piano by Judith, we departed with the words of the song:  “I’m gonna sing when the Spirit says sing….”

May your day be a day of song!

- Jeff



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