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Hey Bill Tell Us Something Cool March 2024

Amy Donohue and I are just back from a pilgrimage to the Pacific Northwest Quilt and Textile Museum in LaConner.  We went there to see Crystal Colombo’s installation in an exhibit called “Birds of a Fiber.”  Alongside this marvelous quilt, there was a small card reporting that this 30” x 24” quilt was titled, “Birds Around Whidbey Island.” 



As you can easily see, this is a splendid piece of art!  Rich, full of color, the product of much creativity, skill and time, and clearly “for the birds!”

This particular exhibit ends next Sunday, March 24, so you’d best get over there right away.  At the same time, there are two other exhibits, each equally remarkable and rewarding.  And these two run beyond the end of March.

Crystal’s beautiful work is surrounded by other pieces, each intriguing and equally worthy of your attention.  Indeed, all three exhibits demonstrate so clearly the stature of quilt-making as a form of fine art, full of grace and rewarding to the soul.

If you are looking for nourishment for your imagination of a rich and supple sort, drive to LaConner and spend an hour or so with Crystal and her companions! You will be glad. And you will be grateful to Crystal, just as we are.





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