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Look Closely

“Look closely.”  That is the mantra I employ with my camera when traveling or visiting any space, whether it’s outdoors or inside.  Why look closely?  There’s more here than you might expect, and a difference in perspective can make all the difference in what you see.  This is true of images as it is true in life.    Be mindful of how you look but also be careful how you look, you just may have a receive a new vision!

Church to me is about ‘getting close,’ getting close to God and to one another, to understand how different yet how similar we are.    A single frame of the camera can be ‘macro’ (the larger view) or ‘micro’ (the close-up view).  Both views offer me an opportunity to see differently, especially common objects I’ve not really seen before. 

For these photos I approached the subject from the uncommon view, i.e. a view you might not see walking past, perhaps not ‘up close’ or from a totally different level.  It’s all about seeing, not just sight.




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