Community News: Changes at SPIN Cafe

Since the publishing of this update, thanks to the generous contributions of supporters, a Coffee House model has been implemented at SPIN providing a place for individuals to get in out of the cold during the day Monday-Friday.  This situation is dynamic and changing fast and the St. Stephen's community offers prayers and support to SPIN and to those who benefit from their services.

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Changes at SPIN Cafe

Dear SPIN friends and supporters,

It is with great regret that I write this. Today we informed our many SPIN guests that with the recent loss of funding from Island County Human Services, we are unable to continue to operate a drop in center. The SPIN Board of Directors met to consider our options and budget, and had to make the painful and difficult choice to close the drop in center as of Monday, September 30.

While we seek other funding options and make plans for our new building, we will continue to offer meal service as usual, three evenings a week from 4pm to 6pm, in our current location.

Your continued support is still needed and greatly appreciated. Of course this change will put a huge burden on our guests at SPIN Café, many of whom are already struggling to survive. It is heartbreaking to take away the threads of hope, dignity, and community that we’ve been able to provide.

It is our sincere hope that other caring individuals and organizations will take this opportunity to step forward to lead an effort to assist our most vulnerable neighbors in need. Many thanks to you, our SPIN family and friends, for all you’ve done to support us over the years.

Please contact me directly at or leave a message for me at 360-682-5949 if you have questions or comments.

With deepest gratitude,

Vivian Rogers Decker Founder, SPIN Café

[For further information or updates on SPIN Café, check out their website at]

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