Advent 2020--Where we are finding Peace

For Advent this year, folks from St. Stephen's are sharing moments from their days where they are finding bits of Advent.  Each week of Advent has a theme.  This week's theme was Peace. 

Anni C. shared:  

I’m finding peace visiting the animals at Ballydídean Farm Sanctuary .  Knowing their stories and how they are now going to live their lives free from harm gives me a great sense of peace.  Their greetings are so authentic every time I visit.



From Rev. Mary G:

I watched this heron feeding for several minutes at Deer Lagoon last week. She just patiently and methodically went about her work of feeding herself. 




From Amy G: 

I love the attached quote inside one of Rev Mary’s cards. I think it is the essence of peace when Christ is born of us......


 From Val R.

Sitting in the rocking chair and snugging with a very small animal (named Pitter Patter) brought some quiet and peace to me this week.



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