Advent 2020: Where we are Finding Love

For Advent this year, folks from St. Stephen's are sharing moments from their days where they are finding bits of Advent.  Each week of Advent has a theme.  Our final week's them was Love.

From Marsha V:

This week David sang with the Emmanuel Choir in Geneva for their Lessons and Carol's service that was presented by Zoom on Sunday 20 Dec.  The Choir part doesn't come until the very end of the service, but there are lovely lessons readings and Carol performances by many of our much loved friends once all in Geneva, but now spread across Europe and in the US.  David loved being a part of the service, and we loved watching it on Sunday.  


From Val R:

I fould love in hand-made Christmas gifts and in the way my youngest leans all the way in to the Magic of the season even in this very challenging year.  





And finally, there was much love poured in the St. Stephen's Christmas Eve service in Zoom.  Seeing candles lighting on another's faces, singing "together," praying together, being together.  We long for more, but in these days, as Rev. Mary Green said, these things are enough for our hearts.




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