St. Stephen's Episcopal Church Oak Harbor

By God's Grace, All Are Welcome

Francis and First Looks

Our first few weeks in Godly Journey have been full!  After out kick off we got to work.  Most Sundays we focus on a Lectionary Based lesson, but some Sundays we explore other things.  We celebrated the Feast of St. Stephen's by sharing pictures and stories of our pets.  We also learned some about the life of St. Francis.  Did you know that when Francis made the choice to separate himself from his father and begin living a life of poverty in devotion to God he actually stripped off his robes in front of the Bishop?!

We began a practice of spending time in chapel to explore questions and wonderings related to church and worship.  Why do we do what we do?  We hope this will become a sacred space for all of the youth as they find themselves able to ask questions and explore the faith and practices of our church.