G.  Our Parish Demographics


We count 82 people as being “active” in our parish – that is, our “regulars” as well as people we see often, if not every Sunday, and who participate in worship and other activities. Of those 82, there are 48 women and 32 men of all ages. We are mostly of European/Caucasian heritage but we are blessed to have some members of mixed heritage, including Filipino and Hispanic.


Our good news is we are growing! Of our active folks, almost 40 percent have joined is in the last five years. We are excited and pleased to be a growing parish.



When we examine ourselves by age group, this how we break down:

42 of us, or about half, are over 65

8 of us are between 50 and 65

11 of us are between 35 and 50

6 of us are between 16 and 35

and . . . best of all! 15 of us are between infancy and 16!



Although, like many Episcopal churches, the majority of us are older, we are

blessed to have a vibrant youth contingent that is growing, enthusiastic and involved in all our ministries.