By: Valerie Roseberry


In April 2018, all members of St. Stephen’s were invited to take part in the “Conversations” version of the online parish survey offered by Holy Cow! Consulting. The survey is designed to elicit attitudes and levels of satisfaction in a number of areas. Fifty people took the online survey, representing 116 percent of our average Sunday attendance – considered a very good response rate.


Paula Franck, our Diocesan consultant, reviewed the results of the online survey and shared her conclusions with us. She wrote, in part:


“The survey indicates that overall satisfaction (53 percent) and energy (67 percent) are high or very high as compared with other churches. Thus St. Stephen's is identified as a transformative congregation. Such churches are characterized by vibrant worship, shared leadership, an external focus and a distinctive mission along with a commitment to lifelong learning and spiritual formation. . .


“The congregation has a friendly atmosphere with a high level of flexibility and is willing to explore new ways of doing things. Leadership manages strategic resources and empowers members for ministry. The theological perspective of the congregation is progressive – open to diverse views and accepting of where individuals are in their spiritual journey. . .


“There is a strong desire to make St. Stephen’s more visible in the wider community – to be the most radically welcoming and inclusive church in the area.”


We are delighted to share with you the full results of our “Conversations” online survey. To see them, please click here:  Results Full Document