Seeking Rector

St. Stephen's Mission is to worship, love and serve Our Lord Jesus Christ, welcoming everyone, deepening our faith, helping our neighbors, and caring for creation.

All are welcome! At St Stephen's, we believe Christ is calling us to be a renewed church in a changing world. Empowered by the Spirit of God, we respond to Jesus' call as we deepen our bond with Christ through worship, become a community where all are accepted, and work together as laity and clergy to do God's work in the world. 

Wherever you are in your life with God -- whether a hesitant searcher or a regular churchgoer --  we invite you to worship with us and to think of St. Stephen's as your spiritual home. 

St. Stephen's is a LGBTQ+ welcoming and affirming congregation. 

We meet in the Main Sanctuary for Eucharist each Sunday at 10:30 a.m., followed by fellowship in Miller Hall. Our office is in the building with All Saints Chapel.

"All the poor, rich, white, black, Hispanics, all, all. Clever, not so clever, beautiful, not so beautiful … tea party, Democrat, Republican. This is radical, man. This is radical....Bin Laden, George Bush, Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton, gay, lesbian, so-called straight, all, all …Please tell the children of God, each one of them is precious. … Each one of them is a member of God’s family in which there are no outsiders.” ~ Bishop Desmond Tutu